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The team at Building Renovations know that dealing with contractors can be stressful at times.

For many people, undertaking a building project will be one of the most stressful things they will ever do!

Dealing with contractors on a day-to-day basis, being asked to make decisions on the spot, arranging finances and being expected to solve problems can end up like a full time job. The building industry can be confusing to the uninitiated, full of new words and strange processes that often lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

Not only that, but you’ll probably be trying to do this while holding down your day job so that you can pay the bills, or even worse also be living in temporary accommodation while you wait for your new home to be finished!

Add to that the fact that you may not even know some of the legal requirements you are responsible for and it’s a wonder that anyone not “in the trade” is able to get a project off the ground.

But Building Renovations bring a refreshing change to that.

With our considerable experience we can manage the construction process for you, preventing some of the confusion and misunderstandings that occur during building processes and shielding you from much of the emotional upset and stress involved.

We have the right skills and experience to guarantee your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are just a few reasons why Building Renovations should be your first choice for a Building Contractor

  • Providing market testing to ensure best value

    We always check the marketplace, backed up by our years of experience, making sure you get the best value for money.

  • We are fully insured

    Most people don’t realise that when employing a contractor you are legally required to check the correct insurance is in place! We will ensure that we are compliant with legal requirements.

  • Manage health and safety on your behalf

    Again, as with insurance, you are responsible for ensuring your chosen contractor complies with health and safety regulations!

    We will manage health and safety and compliance items such as asbestos management protecting you during the building process.

  • Engaging with the building contractor

    We will provide e a suitable minor works contract offering you peace of mind with a recognised, industry standard, legal contract of engagement.

  • Manage the construction process

    We can remove the day to day stress involved with contractor and project management by totally managing the construction process for you.

  • Programme of works

    We will agree a work schedule with you, making sure that work is completed on time, and reporting back to you on progress and issues.

  • Undertake quality control

    We will actively enforce quality control ensuring that works are undertaken in a professional manner and to the highest possible standards. We’re only satisfied when you’re satisfied.

  • Cost control and stage payments

    With any medium to large project it is normal to have a “stage payment” agreement. We will help you agree the amounts and frequency of these payments and liaise with you regarding cost control and variations.

  • Sign off works as complete

    We will conduct site visits with you if you wish, to sign off sections of works ensuring that they are to our exacting standards.

  • Be your single point of contact

    We will meet with you at your convenience to keep you updated on site progress.

    You will have a single point of contact throughout the process, shielding and insulating you from the day-to-day stress of your project and letting you get on with your life.

Above all your appointed Building Renovations professional will be there for you throughout the process to assist, give advice and smooth the way.

We believe you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Comprehensive Renovation Services

Take a look at more detailed information about the services that we provide, or call us for more information or to discuss your project.

Specialist Construction

General Construction

Restoration & Repair

Our Specialist Product Ranges

Along with our experience within general construction Building Renovations Ltd has a wealth of expertise in the resolution of historical and modern construction related issues.

Over time we have built relationships with recognised expert manufacturers to enable cutting edge solutions to be offered where traditional construction methods have failed.

We also retain some traditional construction products, such as lime and mineral based systems, within our portfolio to ensure that we can undertake works on listed properties maintaining recognised heritage restoration techniques.

Our primary suppliers / manufacturer partners are:

  • Sovereign Chemicals Ltd – Treatments for condensation, rising damp, wet rot, dry rot and wood boring insect attack;
  • Keim Mineral Paints Ltd – Mineral based plaster,renders and paint finishes;
  • Polyroof Ltd – Cold applied liquid applied seamless roofing solutions;
  • Rockwool Ltd – Insulation for lofts and cavity walls;
  • Vandex International Ltd – Cementitious tanking systems for basements and storage tanks;
  • Safeguard Chemicals Ltd – Tanking membranes and chemicals for the treatment of penetrating damp, rising damp, wet rot, dry rot and wood boring insect attack;
  • Fosroc Ltd – Concrete repair systems.

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